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We at Regal Properties Real Estate Advisors have been providing world class real estate services since 1988.

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Show you the absolute crème de la crème real estate for sale updated 24/7 daily 365 days a year.

You gain a team of committed professionals that will guide you through every step of the process. We provide you an invaluable edge in the planning, negotiation and relocation phases. We offer our clients a focused, relationship-oriented services delivered by some of the most talented and creative minds in the business. We continue to expand our commitment to uncover opportunities and maximize profits for our clients. We focus on the entire spectrum and represent a wide array of institutional and private clients. By developing a long-term relationship with us, you can be sure that you have the industry’s most talented and committed people working toward the success of your real estate investments.

We offer expertise in evaluating your property value as well as the acquisition; we have the know-how to deliver certainty of execution for our all our exclusive clients. We use our market intelligence, valuation skills to achieve and surpass your real estate goals.

Our experience extends to all asset types of properties including residential, luxury and estate properties, condominiums, development opportunities and more. Our strategic approach consistently results in favorable solutions for our clients. Our professionals personally utilize creative methodology, and detailed level of involvement which we apply to each and every assignment as required per the property type. Our process allows us to deliver effective results for any size property, in any location. Our advisers will personally qualify all real estate options available to you.

As a core element of our client services, we serve as exclusive brokers from the beginning of the planning stages through post-occupancy follow up. Our hands-on involvement during a sale or purchase ensures that you will make an informed decision continually monitoring the performance in order to deliver the property on time and within your budget. This additional layer of client service from our advisers has consistently resulted in increased accountability of contractors and designers, in such fashion which leads to practicality in implementation, and project results undeniably exceeding client expectations.